Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Introducing Russ and Laura of http://pathlesspedaled.com... inspiring!

Photo credits by Pathlesspedaled.com
I never met Russ and Laura but I wished I did. I have followed them on cyberspace, reading their adventures on bicycles. And today they shared on their feelings why they embarked on the "redefining road trip".  http://pathlesspedaled.com/2011/04/sometimes-the-cause-finds-you/   Yes, I know it is abit lengthy... read it... it is really good! As u should know by now I am also a bike advocate and their story is very inspiring for me. To talk about it is one thing, to do it is another. Uproot urself from the daily grind, with no real income coming in....This is real commitment and passion we are talking about. I guess it is also a dream to me and many others. Now u can live ur dreams thru them by supporting them on the roadtrips.. here http://www.indiegogo.com/big-adventure-small-wheels 
Or just send a message to them at http://pathlesspedaled.com/connect/  

Rock on Russ and Laura! If u happen to be in SG, I would love to share with u my hometown...on a bicycle of course! 

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