Monday, April 4, 2011

Sunday ride and Demo bike servicing 3rd April 2011

Ride like the wind!
Dempsey road to ourselves!
We are with u, Japan! 

Steve sharing how he services his brakes

KC showing how to massage tyre...
Steve telling all the bolts and nuts of servicing...
48 riders met at Botanical gardens for our regular Sunday lovecycling ride. Bromptons, Dahons, Xtoor folding bicycles, MTB, fixies and roadies... brands didn't matter, all united by the love of cycling... meeting new friends and reaffirming old ones... The plan was to roam around Dempsey area, shoot the "support Japan Video", ride slowly to Margaret drive and then to the newly opened Alexandra PCN to Asian Civilization museum, lastly to lifecycle for the Demo.
Riding at Dempsey road was a nice experience as there was hardly any cars around and we had the places just for ourselves. We stopped by the parrots to say hello and then found a nice and quiet place for the video. I hope this message reaches our Japanese friends. We are thinking of u!
From Dempsey road, we made our way leisurely towards Margaret drive market. It was already closed for redevelopment and took the last look/photos of the place. From there, it was just rolling alond Alexandra PCN, stopping for late breakfast at Zion road. Having our bellies topped up with fishball noodles and stuff, we snaked along Singapore river and to Lifecycle for the Servicing Demo. Steve shared on the fine  details of brake servicing and shifter, deraileur adjustment. KC did a very smooth tyre change demo, no doubt trained under very harsh conditions.. :) And he very kindly shared on the process of removing the tyre and patching the hole. Guess we will have plenty of people ready to help on the group rides... :) Lastly, I also shared my personal way of cleaning the drive train. Taking out the chain and putting into a gatorade can filled with some degreaser. The result was a gleaming chain...and dirty hands. Later over wanton noodles, I got feedback from the riders that they really enjoyed the session. I promise I will try to cater more sharing session. Thanks David, Matt, Francis, Simon, Clarence, Stanley, KC, Steve for contributing in this ride/servicing demo!

Another great ride with friends!  What do u think we can do better the next time round? 

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