Monday, April 18, 2011

Lovecycling goes to Sentosa -17th April2011

Lovecycling crew at Sentosa
young guns...
Derek and Rini smiling for the camera
Zack sharing the points of interest and safety briefing
Everyone wants to try Carryme

Around 40 riders metup at Vivo city on sunday for the Sentosa round island ride.  And I missed this ride again!  Looking at the photos, I can see that everyone had a good time. Led by Zack, Clarence and David, the group traversed the whole island, going up and down numerous slopes.... tiring but all made it. Here are some of the cool photos they taken...keep the cranks turning!
More photos can be seen here, from Andrew , david photo, KC photos  Photos credits to Andrew Wan, David Ng and KC!

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