Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lovecycling goes to Desaru - 22nd April 2011

Ready? let's go!
riding kakis
24 friends met at Changi Ferry terminal early morning for a group ride to Desaru. "Are u nuts to do this?" some of my friends asked. Probably but it should be fun.... I hope, fingers crossed. 
Bar ku teh... super!
Distance is estimated to be just under 60 km one way... with some slopes to make it more "interesting." Led by KC, Clarence, Mary and Andrew, we made good time riding smoothly to Pengarang town around. Stopping for some nourishment, we swamped the Bar ku teh stall... food tastes so good when u are hungry! 

bike train to Desaru...hop on!  photo credit Matt 
      Was thinking to myself... "hey it wasn't so bad". Mary looked on grinning.."the fun is just beginning" she smiled so sweetly. The later part was "fun"... I guess it is also due to the hot sun, which makes everything melt... As u pedal, u question urself...why oh why did I sign up for this torture?" I just keep telling myself , what doesn't kill u, makes u stronger.... go go! One crank at a time! The whole group eventually conquered the slopes, the heat and found ourselves at Desaru, Pulai beach resort around 3pm. Not bad at all! We dropped our stuff in the rooms and went straight into
the pool. Lazing around like beached whales... it was relaxing and nice. Ahhhhh... shiok! 
music while we eat
Dinner followed soon, we showed Desaru while we can cycle, we can also eat....more like hungry vultures we whacked everything in! Stressing the BBQ chap doing the beef satay.... Over dinner, we chatted and laughed... talking from bicycles, to bicycle parts to medical information on chicken rice, fried oysters and fried rice. It was wonderful to be able to chat for extended time with my bike kakis.... that nite, I slept like a log...  and my buddy matt had some middle nite snack of Poi chai pills... haha.. :)

going home
4 road kill
The next morning, we had a sumptuous breakfast of nasi lemak, with bread, omelettes, juices, sausages and many more. I tried to control myself as I know the going early on would be tough. Meeting at the lobby, we took our obligatory lovecycling "TW" pose and personal glam shots.. Then we started cranking away. I like to tackle the hills early morning as the heat is not so bad... anyway...groaning and cursing.. ....

the real reason why we ride..  Photo by Matt 
we managed the slopes. Very soon, the crew reached Pengarang.  Nice lunch of lobster, pork and all things good at the good luck restaurant. Highly reccomended place! We also loaded up the biscuits and pastry at the bakery shop for the wifey and girl friends.  Then we headed towards the jetty... detour to have a quick peek at a chinese village, have some coffee and eggs. I really like the feel of the kampong Jawa, sleepy and original. We made it to the ferry terminal very early. Sitting at the carpark, hot and sweaty....but fullfilled.   Many thanks, Mary, Vince, KC,
Clarence, David, Zack, Andy and many other for the efforts.. Wonderful ride with friends... I know I will back! 

More photos here 
taiwoon Flickr
Matt's Flickr

And specially for Mary... 


  1. Nice. We have all pushed Love Cycling rides to a new level!

  2. @Matt, yah man... now the next ride must come with FHM babes cheering us on lol!

  3. "Are u nuts to do this?" some of my friends asked ... ...
    In my opinion , we are NO nut !!! Every experience is a valuable learning , through long distance we learnt to support each (Teamwork / baddy system ... surrounding / trusting / allowing someone to support you ) .. Conquering the slopes, we test our limit and see possibility what we can deliver or if we can make a different in others life ..
    Due to hectic or busy lifestyle , I tend to forget to slow down my pace to look around my surrounding /or to smell the "ROSE " /or enjoy the moment ... cycling I learnt to appreciate God's creation ... look around His beautiful creation .. smell the fresh air .. draw energy from the Nature . Lastly, Thank you to my bike mates for being with and I appreciate your companionship ... your Life experience is a SUPER good learnt for me to embark into my LIFE ... that's why I LOVEcyclingSg ...

    This song dedicate to my bike mates ... "OFFICIAL Somewhere over the Rainbow - Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo╩╗ole "

  4. Wonderful ride. Lovecycling team. Agree with Mary we need to slow down and learn how to appreciate what is already there.

  5. @Mary, well said! Slow down to smell the roses... and see the slopes haha.. :)

  6. So glad to see you all having such fun! You guys are ready for touring already la...

  7. @AL, thanks and all the friends made the difference! Looking forward to ride with u!

  8. friends ... if there is any touring lobang ,,, must jio me hor !! Thks !!