Thursday, April 14, 2011

How we carry our stuff - Featuring Diane on a Brommie!

Strida bag on a Brompton. Works beautifully
Diane showing her barang barang(stuff) - Extra water and shoulder sleeves
Slim profile, revealing generous cargo capacity
Pouch for camera mounted on Handlebar
This is Diane's way of carrying stuff on Sunday ride. Her gear is a Strida saddle bag which seats very nicely behind the seatpost. The cool thing about this position is that she can carry lots of stuff, yet do not affect the bike handling.  Mounted on her handlebar is a small camera pouch, for easy access when she sees a nice place.

Sunny Diane :)
Just in case anyone is looking for this bag,  you can contact Steven or Vivian of  Diginexx 


  1. wow... this bikebag is coollllll... Brazilian Hugs Joaozinho

  2. Yes Joaozinho, low profile but can carry a lot of stuff!