Saturday, April 30, 2011

World Water way event videos and official photos

Nice parcel from the friendly PUB folks, thank you! It is very nice of you! 
Lovecyclingsg is a friends of  Water!
Fellow riders and friends, I recieved this nice present earlier this week from PUB and it contained CD footage of us riding along the Alexandra canel PCN. Also very surprise is a personal thank you letter and even a framed photo! Wow, thanks PUB! It is really nice to be recognized for our efforts... and this is all possible because of fellow riders friends like you!  Let's make Singapore a even better place for riding!
Now.. NParks if u are watching this... I want to do a lovecycling ride to the Bishan PCN when they are done...we are ready when u are ready :)

Pls click here to retrieve Photos by PUB photographers

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