Monday, May 30, 2011

Potong Pasir + visit to my Playground 29th May '11

Lovecycling @ Potong Pasir and a  salute to  Mr Chiam!
                                 Telling my story before we start. Thanks Joeel!                                        Photo Credits Joeel lee

my animal playground at Toa Payoh...that's my horse!
Some background,  I grew up at Toa Payoh lor 8, where I walked to school myself. ... and had some nice memories at the old old play ground.  Mum showed me a old photo a year ago of me with the "horse"....and it was stuck on my mind ever since. This playground for some reason was retained and not demolished... at least not for the moment....
So this sunday ride, to make it extra extra special, we met at Potong Pasir MRT to have a look around, see Mr Chiam humble MPS(meet the people Session) and then retraced my child hood route.. passing by my ah gu place, snaked around the estate to the "animal playground". Later makan at Kim keat hawker centre, Shuang lin shi temple, Dragon play ground and then to Toa payoh gardens and then back to Potong Pasir MRT.
Riders looking at the messages at Mr Chiam MPS "office" of 27 years... 

simple handwritten note.... Respect!
Blk 108, nothing special looking.... this is where Mr Chiam have the Meet the people session
Why start at Potong Pasir? This is an amazing place where we saw the Singaporeans lining up the streets to wave in support to Mr Chiam, who spent a total of 27 years as their MP. Being the 2 of the opposition, the odds were always stacked against him... and he persevered. Not even 2 strokes could put off this great man. It was moving to see him bent over at Bishan stadium, talking softly to the crowd... and many people felt his heart... I did... I am not a politician but I know he touched my heart. more information here..Wikipedia of Potong pasir and Mr Chiam .   Also please read this too. When we rode to Block 108 and I showed Mr Chiam "office"... many were shocked at the sparseness.... and shocked turned into respect... when I told them he was here doing meet the people for 27 years! I was glad many brought their children to share about this historical place and the term "service to the people". ... here is a moving farewell movie... 
Lovely quiet PCN that links Potong Pasir to Toa Payoh Lorong 8

Eehaa!  Horsing around... feeling young!
Steven sharing the history of the place... and good eats... like the curry sissors rice.. 
Kudos also to the new MP, Mr Sitoh for not clearing this iconic desk.. hmmm, maybe as I speak it will be gone also.... but at least I have shared with 40 folks and told the Potong Pasir and my playground story!  Many thanks to the regular riders (Clarence, Andrew, Zack, Andy, Steven, Adriane and many more) for helping out in the ride. Appreciate it!

Now that I shared mine... what is your childhood story? I like to hear about it.. maybe we can go retrace it too...

Rest of the Photos here
Lucky draw to ride Birdy... the bike
Adriane and Amy 
Zipping past
@Shuang lin Shi Temple
Kungfu fighting...
@ the dragon playground


  1. Bro TW, it was a pleasure to read such a well written article about the trip down memory lane for you. Indeed, Mr Chiam has my utmost respect and its sad that he has retired. He has shown Sporeans, as what this *blogger aptly expressed, "passion and focus look like over the long haul".


    Your passion and energy in getting people together on the saddle exploring such intriguing places in Singapore should one day earn you a National Day medal lah!

  2. TW,when at Potong Pasir I can feel the pace of life slowing down and the auntie we met was rather cheerful. Rather nice feeling...

  3. @Bro Al, Mr Chiam is the man! I just do what I can to share...
    @Wilson, yes isn't it wonderful to see Potong pasir spirit? I hope it will remain the same for many years to come!