Thursday, June 2, 2011

Smallwheelsbigsmile logo sketch

oldstyle banner and shield SWBS or....
Coconut trees, P&S Camera, spanner and HDB with clothes hanging... + turtle
Friends, I have been thinking of designing a SWBS logo for a cycling tee(dryfit) or some cycling related stuff for sometime now.
Not your usual go fast cycling logo..but more "Ride, Eat, Photo" kind... with a Singapore feel... Appreciate your comments on the logo design and how can I improve it ... and of course would u want to buy support my humble blog?


  1. I like the first one on the left page

  2. The shield is nice, I like the handlebars and maybe you can incorporate the ribbon that writes Eat.Ride.Shoot (instead of EatRidePhoto E.R.P) hahaha The 'ride' can be center and bigger font (to cover the fact that you eat more than you ride la..) ;p


  3. hahaha make the HDB roof slanted! Can sell to PP residents! :o)

  4. Think will be good if there are some sights of the PCN... will buy one(must be dryfit)

  5. support one SWBS tee,pls thanks

  6. T shirt of SWBS,YEAH!
    Top left, agree with Simon.
    Will certainly get one. Consider cotton for uncle like me :-)

  7. Among the 3 ...I would prefer the top left one.
    Would appreciate adding reflective strips on the T-shirt...similar to Ride of Silence.

    Will definitely support the T-shirt purchase!!

  8. @Wilson, thanks for th support. Very excited and will share the refined design soon... And the reflective strips are nice idea.. now need to find whom can do this..