Saturday, June 18, 2011

3 weeks to the 128km iron butt ride.....

Ready, steady 128km ride de Singapore    Design/photo credits Joeel Lee
Folks, 3 weeks to the slow and steady ride de Singapore....All the gear won't help if u don't put in the miles in training... or unless u have a really iron butt... :) 
Here are some items for ur considerations (thanks Adriane for compiling this) 
1 ) Chapping Cream. (Please add in other recommended brands, Andrew I forgot the brand you recommended, please help add it here)
2 ) Water bottle +one extra (Although we might be serviced by our "support" team of petrol kiosks, it is best to be self sufficent especially when we get to the northern part of the ride)
3 ) Isotonic drinks or even better powder so you can mix your own on the spot
4 ) Energy bars such as those sold in sports shops or museli bars etc, you can also consider energy gels. Bear in mind we will not be stopping for meals as in sit down and makan. With the amount of cycling we are doing, we NEED to replenish our energy supplies that we are losing rapidly. 
5 ) You can also bring things like nuts or dried fruits, dont bring chocolate, it makes you thirsty and will melt in your bag making it one messy cleanup. 
6 ) Sun glasses or a cap to shade your eyes
7 ) Sunblock for the sun
8 ) arm covers to prevent sun burn on your extended arms 
9 )Helmet and gloves
10 ) Lights
11 ) Handphone that is fully charged and equipped with numbers of ride leaders.
12 ) Money to take cab etc if needed.
13 ) Poncho if you want for rain. 
14 ) Spare tube, patch kit and pump. 
15) Plasters for blisters, deep heat cream or spray and small first aid kit (Added by Lugerider)


  1. Love the design on the T. I burst out laughing!!!

  2. @Bro Al, this is the superb design work by Joeel Lee... I thought it captures the spirit very well! And like the design indicates... I do need ass hard as steel for this ride!!... it will be painful but memorable... haha.... and 40 pple will join me in this ride!