Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rini and Blacksie

Rini enjoying the sun, the sand and the head wind... 
just spinning along 

Rini doing the pose...while Vince looks over
Rini with lovecyclingsg at Old queensway cinema
Mary and Rini at the City ride 30th Jan 2011
This is Rini, good friend of Mary. She have been thru alot over the years and she is one iron lady! Usually seen on sunday rides with her Dahon Blackie, she would plug her earphones and spin along. I remember on a long ride to Desaru, I was trailing at the rear and rode alongside her... and she complain abit... "so long arhh, want to fall asleep..actually I can sleep while riding(that's when I nearly felt off my bike).. but she never gave up and completed the journey She also have a remarkable sense of balance and I think the only one who can do the "pose" while riding (see photo).  Thru the forum, I understand she would be leaving Singapore and I think the group would miss her lots.  Keep on riding and keep on smiling my friend!  

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