Monday, June 6, 2011

Safety at Night and my bling bling vest

CWO gear??... no.. this is my bling bling safety vest! 
Cycling is fun and when done at night.. the experience is cooling and relaxing. One important element to make the ride safe is lighting. Have at least a front(white) and rear(red) blinkers so that the cars/bus can see u. Some riders think that having more lights means more weight... but I think it is not by much... personally I would like to be as lighted up as a "x'mas tree".  So on my inaugural night group night ride, I brought a long a safety blinking vest,  so that I could act as group sweeper... and while I felt like CWO(correctional work order) I am glad to report it really works! Highly recommend for those who like riding at night... 
This vest can be purchased at Gee Hin Chan (GHC), a super old timer shop at Waterloo street. Look for uncle Jimmy or his son Eugene and say hello.  Dun say I not friend.. even put the weblink here... 
They are really nice friendly folks who knows quite a thing or two on bicycles and parts. oh... forgot they also have riding session on Sat evening... where? Decide on the spot... go and check them out ok?   
So, on the note of riding safely at night, what do u think we can do to make ourselves more visible? Love to hear ur comments. 
Can't miss me right?               Photo credits Audrey Cheong
This is how u will be see from the Car perspective   Photo credits Steven Tang
CWO assemble!                     Photo credits Steven Tang
Blinking LEDS !!!    Photo Credit Audrey Cheong


  1. i can't see anything else now... been dazzled. hahaha.

  2. @Boo, rite? Not cool, but super effective.. Cars siam me and give us big space! :)

  3. who says it is not cool?! bright siah! i should so get one too!

  4. Blink vests provide protection when we ride at night or when we work around heavy machinery or operating industrial tools where visibility is low. Thanks, your blog is really nice.

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