Monday, June 20, 2011

Super Sporting VVIP Mr Teo@ Sembawang Hotspring

Mr Teo showing the pose!
lovecycling crew @ Sembawang hotspring
We met Mr Teo at the hotspring on the Sunday ride. While chatting with him, he shared that he comes to the hotspring daily from Woodlands. Takes a bus and does his onsen thing... He is fit as a fiddle and has a cheery smile. He was very glad the folks come to visit the hot spring... and amazed we came on bicycles. Pls say hello if u see him there!
Oh btw, that's Mr Teo doing the TW/Lovecycle pose... cool guy rite? More hi res photos of the ride here. 


  1. Nice Picture... I am new to Sembawang Place . let me know if there is any oncoming event to north side...
    thanks in advance

  2. thanks! I put the incoming rides on our forum. Pls kindly check here