Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dell Experience Design group(EDG) goes to Ubin

EDG does the TW pose
Some of the folks would know I work at Dell Experience Design group. Recently I was tasked to organize a team building/chill out session. So what would be better then riding a bicycle? I chose Ubin as it was quite a different experience from the usual urban, comfortable setting and out of our comfort zone. KC kindly agreed to help me bring the folks around and see the interesting parts of the island... thanks KC!!! Looking at the faces of my colleagues - hot, sweaty but smiling.. I think I might be having more riding kakis in my office soon. See? riding makes people come together!  Here are some photos of the action!
Puffy is out patrolling
Leong and Greg rolling along
Darren obviously having fun with MTB
This is how french rides the bikes... hard! 
Darren lin surprised at the natural beauty of Ubin
Lun and Darren doing some army training moves
mired in the bush...