Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Safety Clinic by Steven Lim 26th June 2011

Lovecycling @ Safety clinic
This sunday ride was a different experience. We did a road safety clinic for lovecyclesg crew, kindly supported by Steven Lim of Singapore Safe Cycling task force. Although some might find it abit boring, I think the talk proved to be educational and informative. More of the clinic here and here are some photos of the clinic, featuring the tireless Steven in action. We also did a ride after the clinic to CV for nasi lemak and rode back home. More photos here
Steven sharing how to be safe on the road
Bay and family.. and u can see Bay in a trance.... lol
Adriane thinking "sure or not... ok .. if u say so"
Steven "it about positioning... " showing the crew on the road safety park
Boon Yeo and his Strido
Mr Teo and his Puglesy
Boo and Kimi sharing a nice ride together
David and Wendy
Boo with her old, but nice single speed
KC and Boo racing each other ....

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