Thursday, June 16, 2011

Make ur own recumbent or bike. KC, this is for u!

 Found this while surfing around the web and made me think abit about our modern lifestyle. I mean how often when we think of our next bike, it would be straight to the bikeshop and purchase it. Of course, after all the googling of information on the world wide web, blogs and forums. We speak like we know it all, spouting angles, materials, methods like TIG welding, brazing, latest techno gizmos and what have u not. But most of us, including myself are just "www couch potatoes".  We never really got our hands dirty or did any real welding.. mods...(ok, I service my bikes abit and mod little.. but nothing like what this guy did!) This guy was amazing! He did the total opposite....  went to the junk yard, cobbled all this at home, in the kitchen space. Using basic tools like a hacksaw and a propane torch.  Really salute his ingenuity and passion.  Check it out!

Brazing work by Alexwetmore      Photo credits
Here is another cool dude by the name of Alexwetmore who mods/ make/braze his frame, racks and even  a canoe... Impressive!


  1. I admire people like this guy who experiments and build stuff creatively. Sure, his project aint going to win any awards but he had fun doing it and it works. Who cares what the world thinks?

  2. @Bro Al, u also legend man.. many pple dun think Tikit can tour.. but u did! Was telling my friend about u on a tikit and guess what.... he bought one!

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