Thursday, June 23, 2011

wise words from Ben Mok

Found myself thinking of Ben Mok who was tragically run down on 21st March 2010. More on the case here and he was the reason why I attended the ROS 2010.  I didn't get to meet Ben personally but I visited his blog many times to read about riding routes, his epic journeys, complaints, rabblings on life and stuff.... 
From Ben Mok of    -- Photo credits Ben Mok
One of the phase he wrote... stuck to me like a stubborn chewing gum on a shoe... " Cycling is like a church — many attend, but few understand "  Chimmm leh..... but really thought provoking...   Why do we ride and keep riding? Is it the bike? The friends? The scenery? The food? The solitude or the aching muscle pain after a long ride? What moves ur mojo?  
Lastly, pls do take a moment to remember Ben mok, avid cyclist, blogger and writer. 


  1. I like cycling because I enjoy the movement. Slow enough so that I can appreciate the world surrounding, at the same time it is the fastest speed I can move using my own body engine- the engine I count on for the rest of my life and it gets better when I can use it more.

  2. cycling can be a force for change - health, environment, economy, love (remember the two who did their wedding proposal thing at guilin?), self-awareness (spatial, traffic), self-discovery, challenge, learning....

    cycling is THE church.