Friday, June 24, 2011

Spa my brompton

Spa my brompton 
  I use my bikes frequently and like them to be working like clockwork. To do that, I service them regularly too.  This time is my brompton. Degrease the chain, sprocket, rims and wash whole bike with car shampoo. Dry and grease up all the joints and internals frame walls. The bike body is steel and I applied a thin coat of grease internally to keep rust at bay.  Replaced the stock tires with Marathons and also changed out the brake levers to Shimano which feels better. The Marathons were a tight fit, too a while to shove them ... like super tight jeans. Lucky I  have tire levers or it would be impossible.  The bike feels smooth and nice after the spa treatment...  ahhh...shiok... time to ride!

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  1. Looks all ready for Mekong ride! I respect the care you give to your babies. Becoz of that, they will treat you well :)