Friday, June 3, 2011

Century riding cream

Century rides.. here I come!
They say experience makes men wiser. I suppose so... Having been thru the "relax" ride from Kluang to SG. I know have a softer side.. My bums that is.... It was so painful and rubbed raw that when I finally reached home and showered... The water was like acid on skin. It took a superman effort not to scream( my gal and CEO was asleep...and u dun want to wake them up) .... Let's just save u the details... Not very pleasant. Oh if u have baby diaper rash cream, I can assure u it works fine to ease the chaffing " fire" ... So wiser now I googled for solutions And I found this review on Century riding cream. I bought one and will try out in tonite ride.... Keep u posted if it really works. Pray for me yah?

Update after yesterday 60km night ride
I applied it and no chaffing! Strange, but works! I will use this from now on. Now need to increase mileage and ride! :) Yes! to more miles!


  1. There is a lot of Chamois Creme. I always use one when cycling.

  2. I only know cream puff.. lol.. well always a first time...

  3. I used this before when I was touring Taiwan - 10 h of riding per day, and it really helped, especially in the first few hours. Of course, I was on my Rido R2 saddle, which helped too. Try it, you'll get addicted!

  4. Did you get online or is it available in Singapore?

  5. I got this at Bikehaus off Bukit timah