Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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Photo credits : Tern Cycles
 Excerpt on the article
"How do you appeal to people interested in bicycles but unaware of folders?
To grow the demand for folding bicycles, we have to make good bicycles. In other words, if a folding bike looks a bit weird, doesn’t ride well, and flexes in all the wrong places, we will have a hard time getting customers no matter how well it folds. So we need to work on the design of our bikes, to make them aesthetically pleasing, and sexy even; we need to make sure that our bikes ride really well when compared to a non-folding bike. Our bikes need to be fast, efficient, and stiff. When we can do all of these things, and keep costs reasonable, we think that there’s a big part of the cycling market that will appreciate the convenience of a highly portable bicycle. We also think that there’s a lot more innovation to be had in making bicycles more suited to urban transport. Innovations in lighting, power, luggage carrying—there’s lots to be done here, and we’ve got some pretty cool new technology in these areas as well. We’re not just designing a folding frame and slapping on standard bike components. We’re also innovating on the component side."

More here... yes! I like the vibes..can't wait to see the new bikes and innovation. Go go Tern! This are exciting times!


  1. A little feedback from a new reader. Hope that you won't take it wrongly though. Given that most of your photos are around 3MB each, your multiple photo posts (eg. EDG at Ubin) will always make my browser freeze up. I've not gone thru your archive because of this. Hope you can consider putting up moderately sized photos instead.

    Anyways, please keep up this documentation of the local folding bike scene!

  2. hi Buwushengye, opphs. thanks and appreciate the feedback. I will reduce my photo file size in the future!