Thursday, June 9, 2011

Steven and Tiger

Steven and Tiger(the younger and more handsome one haha) 
Looking good pedaling from Desaru
Chipping in when it matters - Good food lobang! 
This Father and Son Duo is fast becoming a regular fixture on our Sunday ride. Steven is a professional Tennis coach, a very good one at it too. I first met Steven at the Bintam ride last year. It was both our first "touring" ride with the seasoned goats like Bro Al , Kevin and Papa mike....  tough hills and hot weather.. made this ride unforgettable.
Steven @ Bintan ride
The slopes are my friend! yah rite... 
Steven with his loud hailer and his tennis proteges               Photo credits Steven Tang
We lost touch for awhile but luckily with SWBS blog and Facebook, we reconnected again.. mostly on the Sunday ride. Best of all, his son Tiger also joined us for the ride too!
Steven have an classic "CSM (Company Sergant Major) booming voice and a knack of organising people..which is very good in getting folks to get ready for the lovecycling group photo haha. He also helps out on the traffic junctions and makes the newbies feel very at home.
Thank you Steven for ur help in making Sunday rides so fun and enjoyable!


  1. An outstanding person, inspirational father and friend indeed! A great privilege to know Steven and he is makes me homesick by posting all the great food on FB.

  2. Thanks for the nice blog TW!! I just saw it! It's a privilege to be mentioned on your blog!! Tiger and I really enjoy the rides with LoveCycling.SG. You are a great ride organizer and leader. And you can use my "loud hailer" anytime! I am telling everyone about our rides and encouraging them to join us. I wanna see the group making a difference in the local cycling community! Keep up the fantastic work TW!!!

  3. @Steven, hahah glad u liked it. Sure, let's keep our rides fun, no stress and meaningful!