Monday, June 13, 2011

Boo, small chili padi with her trek MTB

Boo @  the Marina barrage
Steven Tang and Queen Boo
Boo was kinda of the first few riders out of the "design" circle. We actually met for the first time on the Singapore National Stadium/ Marina barrage ride. Sorry I can't show u the stadium as it has already been torn down to bits... That was really a nice ride. We sneaked in and explored National Stadium up close and personal...  Initially I thought she was a bit "Atas"= snob... But turns out she is very nice, helpful and chirpy. She also helps out on Safety and marshal when ever she can.
Boo rolling over anything that comes... 

For a while she was out, holidaying in Sydney Australia and we all missed her. Well, now Queen Boo has returned! Yay!!!... She even led a Sunday ride to see the Changi monster guns,  which was very well done. Boo recently also acquired an old roadie which has the most eco friendly mud guards made from PET bottle...that is some thing u got to see up close and personal.
Boo, very nice meeting u, thanks for all the efforts to keep the rides going! Go go Sunday rides!


  1. *blush.....
    Thanks TW! I am very glad to have found you all too :D

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