Wednesday, June 8, 2011

12th June ride visit to E-Walker (Special guest Mr George Lin)

From ST Jan 2008 - Mr George Lin of Pacific Cycles
Carry me comes to town!
Folks, don't miss this Sunday ride to E-Walker! I am sooo  excited to finally meet Mr George Lin in person. Huh? Who is this guy? He is the founder of Pacific cycles... and here is his story. Most of u would know I own 2 Carryme.....Well my friends.. This is the man who made it happen! See u on Sunday!
Kim on her Carry me


  1. Great post ...Thanks Taiwoon. This is so cool! Carry Me is very unique. What a unique opp to meet the founder in person. So many good bikes (Birdy, IF mode etc). I finally tried the Pacific Reach after waiting for someone to bring it in since last year ...really nice! It competes with the Bike Fridays. Now if only it can fold a slightly better. Best Regards ..Gary.

  2. Hello Gary, thanks and I was very lucky to try out the Carryme at Diginexx with the great support from Steven sometime back. While it is not too good at long distances, it brings a smile to everyone who rides it. Very unique and smile "generating"... oh of course, I heard so much about the Reach SL too... for the fold, I guess u win some and lose some. See u for more Sunday rides my friend!