Saturday, June 4, 2011

Brompton and me at work

Have a foldable bike is great. You can save transport cost and in my case parking cost. I park my van about  1km from my office where there is free park and literally roll down to my office. :) Best of all, I can also get out at lunch time to explore the office area, for more great food. haha..  It doesnt take up any real space... this is my Brompton M type, with T bag parked under my desk. Go test ride a foldie today! 
Roll the Brompton to office.. with T-bag, even easier
Like a puppy sitting beside me... BTW, It is Friday which we can dress like this.. 
Parked under my desk


  1. i park my bike the same way! haha :P under the table for stealthy purposes :)

  2. That is truly a work of art blended with great functionality!

  3. Hey, I have the same situation as you. I "Park & Ride" to work too because couldn't get season parking at office.

    I also put my Dahon below my desk. I sure hope I can dress like you for Friday !

    Lugerider aka Desmond

  4. @Lugerider /Desmond,
    Hahaha.. very cool to hear that, email ur photo of u and ur dahon. I will post it on my blog too. Sorry if I don;t greet u correctly on rides.. too many pple.. Pls come up if u meet me and say hello! Oh on the dressing... We are in the "creative" business mah.. so got to look creative too! lol!