Thursday, June 30, 2011

WTF? 128km!!! R u crazy? Why??

"Harrrr, huuuhhh? That's the reaction I get from most people. And then when I say there are also about 70 "normal" riders joining me.. their face will be like ..."harrrr?  Next, I shared that many will be doing on "joker" - foldies...their mouths would be wide open. Crazy? Perhaps abit... but I feel that there is a pent up desire from everyone to move out of their comfort zone, push themselves just  a little bit. And I am not talking about scaling mount everest.  Just a ride around our tiny little dot called Singapore.
The route of slow and steady ride de singapore
Boleh? I think can... , I think we all can!  See the route detail and grouping , got time come by and cheer the folks on. This sunday, no event tee shirt, no medals, no ra ra girls. Just a bunch of friends doing a long ride!


  1. Yeah I dunno how much suffering I'm going to go thru. But I definitely know it's going to be damn siong! Why am I doing this? I am not exactly certain. Maybe it's the thirst for adventure, to get out of my comfort zone. Maybe I have a sick sense of what is fun. Maybe it's the innate human condition to seek the unknown, to challenge oneself just to see how much more we can push ourselves forward.
    I know one thing for sure, I'm riding this damn ride!

  2. Well done everyone! I didnt know its possible to do 128km in the little island of Spore. Kudos to the planners.