Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ride and enjoy the sights by Pathlesspedaled

I like to ride, but I don't like to kill myself riding super long distances and be so tired that I can't chat with people on the ride and places...  Call me soft, wussy... whatever... I think riding should be fun and be what ever u want to be ... and floats your boat.  My "boat" happens to be the relaxed version...:)  Bicycle touring doesn't need to be "ass" breaking...  See how Russ and Laura of combines regional bus travel with bromptons to explore the sights from Portland to Tillamook.  Oh... I can even taste the bubblegum icecream!  Check out the wonderful intro and video by Russ and Laura...:)
Do visit their website @ and support them in what ever means possible! I think what they are doing is super cool!

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  1. Reminds me of my uni days in UOregon. The coast there is absolutely spectacular. I think its calling me to do a ride trip there soon!!!