Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 1 review of Vis360 as per feedback by Darren

Darren coming into work!!!
Looking from the front
Mounted side view
Lighted in full glory!!
Rear view

Top view

This is Darren. He rode from his home from Bukit Panjang to Jurong International Business park, which took him about 30min...relaxing ride I was told. Lucky fella! To make himself more seen by motorists, and other vehicles.  He has mounted a Light and motion Vs 360 on his helmet. This is the first day he used it in daylight conditions and he feedback that motorists also noticed him more(confirmed and chop).... for example turning at zebra crossing. He would look at the on coming driver and due to the helmet light position and powerful beam, the driver would definitely see him...

Direct comments from Darren...  
  1. "Weight-wise - intially it felt abit heavier, esp on the rear due to the battery position. However, 10 mins of riding, totally forgot about it on the helment. ...Which is a good thing.
  2. Front light mounting - it was a breeze as my helmet(Giro Atmos) fits perfectly onto the mounting strap. 
  3. Rear light mounting however, too a longer time. But once it is set, it is pretty stable. 


  1. Hi Darren does it comes in a set 'front & rear'?
    Does the front light have a strobe mode ?
    What kind of batteries does it run on ?
    Where can i purchase it & how much ?

  2. It comes in a set. Has 2 brightness mode for the front (Bright and brightest) and also a strode mode. Can't control the rear light though. It runs on internal Li/ion battery. Rechargable via USB. YOu can get it from Chain Reaction Cycle and get it shipped over. We got 3 sets and based on our calculation, its cheaper to get it from Amazon via Vpost. Came out to be $200+ each (inclusive shipping and GST)

  3. Hi CKH, the front and rear lights are coupled. See the Top View; you'll see the curly wire connecting the front and rear lights. The rechargeable battery is inside the rear light housing. The battery is charged by plugging in a Micro USB cable to a port on the underside of the rear light. Both lights are removable from their respective mounts, but as TW pointed out to me, removal and installation would wear out the snap joints. I can insert the cable to the port without removing the lights from my helmet.
    The front light has 3 modes: High, Low, Flash. The rear light only has Flash. The run time specs by Light&Motion is 2.5hrs, 5hrs and 20hrs for High, Low and Flash modes respectively.