Wednesday, September 14, 2011

11th Sept 2011 - A visit to Potong Pasir, Bidarri park and Toa payoh

@ Biddari park
45 friends met at Potong Pasir MRT early Sunday. Many came with their princes and princess using trailers or children rack. In a typical LCSG style, it was noisy, funny and full of laughter. We had also a few more new friends joining us - Grace Wee, TJ, Claudia, Andrias, Han Boon and Yvette. Steven Tang even "conducted" a LCSG pose training before the ride which was hilarious. Papa mike princess needs more training though.
LCSG pose training for the Steven Tang... lol...
Bay and family showing how it is done
Desmond Chia and her princess
After the safety briefing, we rode very slowly to Bidarri park. I have never been there before and simply drove past in many times. So glad to be there. The air was good and all it now remains are the grass patches and old gravelly tarmac of the cemetery. I would suggest that u visit this place soon because this is prime land and will not be looking that this for too long.
Nice and quiet... 
Zack leading the way                           photo credits Francis Chu
Papa mike and her princess
George giving up his energy boosting jelly beans
Block 108 Void Deck, Mr Chiam's office of 20 over years. 
The next stop was Potong Pasir and to Block 108. The place of Mr Chiam office(table). I was not too sure if it was there still and very grateful that it was. Left on the table was just a simple thank you note to Mr Chiam from a lady. The long procession of cyclists created quite a buzz along the PCN. Some asked if there was a event or are we doing TV program filming haha... We just said... "we doing our Sunday ride. Every Sunday 0730.. join us leh"
Wheels of all sizes, all welcome
Old book shop at Kim keat
At Block 1 where my old playground was located. We spend some time there for people to take photos, soak into the ambience. I was really glad that many brought their children and play with my old friends. Looking at them, it reminded myself of the good times and when I was young. And happy to have given them nice memories and fun. By then we were abit hungry and pitstop at Kim Keat hawker centre. Having breakfast with friends is indeed a nice...even more nice when the topic involves wheels... haha .
Cycling kakis becoming friends! 
Here are some of the photos taken by myself, Francis, Steven Tang and more. Overall and nice ride on a Sunday with friends!

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