Saturday, September 10, 2011

The lovecyclingsg pledge

We are lovecyclingsg! 
Our Facebook group is buzzing with chatter everyday and interesting discussions. Here is a gem that made me laugh and smile.....  

"We, the members of LCSG,
Pledge ourselves as one united forum,
Regardless of bike, folding or non-folding,
To tak kah chia, makan and la kopi
Based on TaiWoon’s famous E.R.P.
So as to achieve happiness, community and
Fitness for our kaki."
Darren Seow, Cool dude, Poet, Foldie rider, KODH and Iron Butt man!


  1. The pledge is so catchy and rhymes so well..... :-)

  2. hahaha, TW, i didn't expect this verse to be published. hahaha... hopefully, nobody from MHA invites us to la kopi.

  3. nice one Tai Woon

  4. Keep in mind the pledge for T shirt / jersey slogan. My favourite is "Slopes are your friends!"