Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ride down orchard with LCSG

LCSG at Orchard ION... not a sight u can see every day!  Photo credits Roland aka GV Sealion
The original idea was that we go take MRT from home and meet at Orchard Road. For foldies that is. While the rest of the full-sized bikes will ride and meet us simultaneously at Ion Orchard. I was told this is called Flash Mob. A quick google search and I saw a lot of funny interesting flash mob done locally in Singapore.  I think it is a very nice respite and good outlet for destressing and debunking the notion Singapore is a boring place.  My advice to our crew was, "cool! lets go! Be careful, it is bike promotion not  provocation"  To ensure that the ride went on smoothly, Steven Tang, Joeel, Diane did a recce and rode the whole route. After the recce, due to the ground conditions and heavy traffic, we changed it to simply a ride down orchard road - stopping at Orchard ION, Outside Istana and SAM.  Personally I was very excited on the ride as I have not ridden at Orchard road before. My impression was that there was just too many cars, pediastrians. ...can we really ride thru it?
Bidarri park
Mr AM at the Skate park
Riding from Punggol @ 630 am, the air was cool and crisp. Stopping by Bidarri park to take some photos and look at the open fields.  This is a luxury in Singapore with every possible land being turned into mega housing projects or shopping centre. As I looked at the nice fields, I wonder how long will we get to enjoy this beautiful fields? It took me about 45 min of relaxed riding to reach Bras Besah MRT. At 745 am, the area is nice and quiet with very light traffic.  I rolled towards Scape, my first time there. Nice to see good skate facilities for the youth.  No one in sight, I guess too early to be skating.
Steven Tang briefing the riders
George and Cindy 
how to fold??? 
Audrey Chong with a new friend
The main party formed up at Minden road off Dempsey where Steven briefed on the route and what we will be doing at Orchard road.  It was nice to see all in red, united and smiling. Bikes of all brands and sizes riding as one. Reaching ION Orchard, we gathered and waited for the whistle beep. Luckily or unlucky the place was relatively quiet and we had the place to our selves. Whistle beep, the crew who had foldies, folded their bikes in a jiffy while those with full sized bike just stood around looking cool. Beep again and we all did the pose.
Cameras clicked and videographers captured the memories. Not too often can u have 50 people, dressed in red doing a superman pose and still smiling! Beep once more and we unfolded the bikes and rolled slowly towards somerset MRT to Scape. Everyone was on the best behaviour and it was easy! I sweated abit at the Istana gate as I saw the police man shuffling nervously and talking quickly into the walkie talkie, but nothing happen!
Just outside Istana... the red van is coming anytime now... sweating inside   Photo credits Roland
Brompton BMX
what a smile! 
Next stop was the Singapore Art Museum and then to the nice Wanton noodle(San dou) and Laksa at Syed Alwi road. Overall a nice and fun ride to a place which I would have never ridden. Now thinking how would it be like if it was mass peak hour at Orchard road....   More photos here 
Kudos to the recce team, GL, Steven Tang, Joeel, Diane, Francis and many more for making this a cool and fund ride!

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