Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Inspiring Trishaw cyclists from China in Singapore

Wow! I saw this late yesterday night and impressed with the couple efforts. Living their dreams to visit the world. No money to fly.. well, build a trishaw and ride all the way. And they did, all the way from China!  See the article on the news.

We quickly shared this on our facebook and it became buzzing. Derrick and Nick was so curious that they got out of their bed at 1130pm and went to check them out. This is their rig(thanks to Nick and Derrick recce) They and  trishaw are now parked at Hong Lim park and they will be out sightseeing. By this friday, the couple will be headed back to Thailand and to India! This is not an everyday event and if u want to be inspired by the human spirit . Go down quick to show your support!

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