Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pedestrian ghost concept for slowing down cars

This is in Ukraine and for the record I am not in anyway advocating we do this in Singapore less we get arrested. But I am touched by their actions which is very creative and though provoking. Speeding kills and even more damage can be cause if you are on a heavier vehicle say a car or bus. Recently we have seen repeated cases of buses knocking down people on the traffic lights. This is a worrying trend.. ..more so from a cyclist perspective. I am already lighted like a xmas tree + flag and still I feel insecure on the Singapore road and keep my ears,eyes ready for any danger and clowns.
How do we get our cars, buses to be just that little bit lighter on the pedal? ... the throttle pedal. For a start, maybe we can do as similar one on accident prone areas light the end of changi coastal road as a reminder to cars to slow down. Watch the video and tell me what you think 

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