Friday, April 13, 2012

What is powder coating? watch this

A lady talking about her bike - Pinkie. Rather than junking it out the old, she recollects the good times and how well the bike fits her. So she decided to spiff up the old frame and this is her journey thru the power coating shop and learning more about power coating. I wonder if there is a similar shop in Singapore that does that?


  1. hahaha.. yes sorry typo error. quite amazing colors! even metallics!

  2. Hi Taiwoon,

    You can get yr parts powdercoated at a couple of shops at Defu Lane 10. I went to Tomotrak (or something like that) few years ago to powdercoat a small mtb frame. It cost me abt $60 then. You would have to strip the paint yourself though. I thought I went through a lot of trouble but it kept me occupied and was kind of therapeutic, a learning process. Hope this info helps

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