Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ready or not? Here we go

"eh... tomorrow want to ride? " 

Tomorrow we ride for Paul Lim. Now 128km can be a piece of cake for some but to most of us weekend cycling warriors and LCSG-ers it is abit on the long side. No matter and I know we will be able to make it.  Double water bottle filled, Tires check, patch kit, levers, handpump, inner tubes, power gel, snacks... all checked. Zip tie the awesome Paul ride design on my bike.  Lube it all up and did a test ride to check all is in working condition.  Ready.... set....
yes, I cheated.. I took out my Plechser stand to reduce weight.. 

Mounted a foam board to read the directions... so I don't bring team 4 to holland
Spare tube, potato chip,  power gel, candy, rain coat 
Toolkit and levers checked
Swapped to my trusty Lezne pump.. not as sexy as the carbon one but this pumps faster, better.


  1. I feel so embarrassed at the level of preparation you guys have all put in. Well done man! Love your TSR too, look so sporty macham ready for Paris to Dakar rally.

    1. Thank you Bro Al joining this ride. My engine is a Kanchil, so need to prepare as much as I can to make it bearable. Can't believe it has been 1 year since Paul left us.