Saturday, February 27, 2016

LCSG doing our part for SG car free day

LovecyclingSingapore - LCSG stepping up to support Singapore first car free sunday.  Its going to be awesome!
This is the folks coming from LCSG as I counted on sat!!! Its over 300!!!! Incredible! 

From the North(Bishan park) - 96 pax 
From Kembangan MRT - 84 pax
From Clementi MRT- 67 pax
LCSG folks meeting direct at official kick off- 80 pax


  1. Hi, would like to share an article with you and your group.

    For what's its worth, a few of us ride bicycles on roads during weekend; wanted to join groups like yours but never bother to because of the believe that helmets is not effective in urban areas.

    We do wear helmets during mountain biking :)

    Hope this article can give you and your group a different perspective and maybe able to accept riders without helmets.

  2. One more thing, we've done a bit of cycling in Europe and seems to us that the helmet is not compulsory, in fact mostly unseen.

    The helmet is more of an American thing.