Monday, February 22, 2016

Rider profile Wong Wei Kiong and rides with LCSG

Hi all,
I am Wei Kiong, 45 and working as a technical manager. I've returned to cycling after 25yrs. Back then I cycled to my camp on a rigid fork mountain bike during my NS days. Can't really remember the made or model of that bicycle, knows little about bicycle back then, only knows it's got 2 wheels & got me to my destination.
25 yrs on, I'm rekindled to bicycle again through some friends in a bid to do some exercise for health sake.
My health was showing reds after years of hectic, stressful & sedentary lifestyle and bad eating habits. I have tried jogging, swimming & other sports but none works. It's either too boring or difficult to work a regular schedule. Cycling I found is easier to start and the speed that it bring gives a cooling breeze and covers more distance to keep things interesting at a more comfortable effort without impact on the joints and strains on the muscles.
I begin to cycle more, from once a week, to twice to 3 times a week. Every time I look forward to meeting friends, discover new places and the breeze on the face.

On a loooong ride with my kakis!
Long long way! 
After 6 months, my fitness have improved even though I don't particularly keeps track of it. I lost some weight too. That makes me realize regular exercises is the key to fitness and motivates me to continue.
Now I have gone in cycle commuting and cycle touring. Everyday I'll cycle 18km each way to and from work. This my commuting route  for your reference and sometime I meet Eugene Wee (a fellow rider) to ride to work! 
My route to work
Some pictures over the last 3 years and how I have slimmed down with regular cycling. 

Lastly, food selection is another important factor. Cutting out on sugar and high carb food has a major contribution to my weight maintenance and overall health. The typical food I take now are high on vegetable and some eggs, butter, coconut, plain yoghurt and meat. I mostly avoid food with sugar and flour.
I find I have more energy than 20 years ago.

On family.... 
Cycling have help me regain my health and I thought, hey, why not get my family to cycle as well. We can explore places together, to share those experience being engaged through a simple activity Cycling.
So I bought each a foldie and started cycling around the neighborhood and PCN. In search of family friendly cycling Kakis I stumbled upon Lovecyclingsg and we began to join their Sunday rides. The children particularly enjoyed the company and the variety of activities that LCSG organizes.
It has become a weekly activity and our fitness has improve. On top of that, there is a common activity and experience we all shares as a family.
Thank you for reading my story and hope this can inspire you to try cycling, cycling to work(if possible) and have fun cycling as a family! 
Me and family exploring with LCSG on the mural ride

Rambling with my kids 

With the nice folks of LCSG

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