Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Why I support the SG Car free day

Screen grab from Toggle
This was supposed to be mentioned on Telly( around 13.50), and in a sort of way some of it was communicated. 
Many thanks to my lovely wife Kim who listened to my ramblings patiently. Summarised and translated it into this. I want to share it as I feel its very concise and why I do it. 
Taken by my friends as I represented LCSG to explain why we are pulling all stops to make Car Free Day happen

"我们参加、支持这个活动, 是觉得它很有意思,好玩、健康又能展现出城市生活的令一种可能性。 
就象拍照,换个角度就会拍出不同的风景。没有车行驶的马路,我们可以一起散步,一起遛狗,一起骑脚踏车,一起享受沿途美好的风景。 如果愿意换个角度看事情,就会有不同的可能性。 
我们会有三个车队,从东边、北边和西边出发,一起骑向集合点。想参加的朋友可以到LCSG 的FB 登记"

In English
Why did LCSG participate in CarFree day?
We chose to be get involved as it's a meaningful, fun and healthy event. More importantly it provides an alternative demonstration to city possibilities. 
It just like taking a photograph. With a change in perspective, a photo can feel very very different. So imagine with a road with no cars, we could take a slow stroll, hold hands, jog, walk the dog and of course ride in a really leisurely pace. That would feel so nice and pleasant, wouldnt it? 
If we can change our perception of things and try a different approach, we could have many delightfully different possibilities and experiences. 
Many of the riders have feedback to us that they would love to cycle commute to work. But many are also worried and not sure. We took this event as a good demonstration of showing the cycling possibilities. 
We got the more experienced/regular riders to lead and chaperone the newer riders to trial out a commuting to city route. These way, the good practises and safety know how can be transferred to the newer riders. 
There are 3 routes, from Bishan park Mac, Kembangan MRT and Clementi. The distance are roughly just over 10ish km and flat. What we hope is that we can help move more over that mental block and show that is possible to cycle to work. For folks interested pls go to LCSG FB event page to know more. 

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