Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Ride profile Eugene Wee

Eugene is a quiet, humble man but with a big heart and helps out on the LCSG ride. Its really a pleasure to showcase him and his family! 
Hi everyone,  I am Eugene Wee. 45 years old. Technical Marketing Manager at Semiconductor equipment manufacturer company @ Yishun. *ASM Technology Singapore Pte Ltd.
Thats me rolling at Coney island!
Fun with my family

"How do u feel about cycling?"
Eugene:  "It make me feel awesome!"
2) "What was the first memory of u cycling?"
Eugene: "1st bike bought and loss within 3 week @ Lakeside mrt bicycle parking lot!" 
3) Where is your favorite stretch to ride 
Eugene: "Mandai -- my b2w stretch! Its cooling and hilly!"
4) Do u cycle-commute to work. If so can you share the route 
Eugene: "2 to 4 days depends if no biz trip. Cck - Mandai - Yishun. Route below" 
5) Do you cycle with your family and loved ones. Where do you ride? 
Eugene:" Yes and always try to fill up the Sunday morning with leisure ride + breakfast.
End of the month, Sunday morning will be occupied with RfR charity distribution, mainly to let kidos involve and extend their hands to those who need support. 
moving rations to the folks in need
Keropok for LCSG picnic!
Ride route in the west - Bt.Batok nature park. Bt timah nature reserve, Sungai tengah, few to be name with distance covered approx 15-25km. Mainly PCN with less then 20 km. "
6) How old are your kids and do they like to ride? 
The boys

Eugene: " 9*Ean-16*Elton-18*Rachel. They love cycling and like to explore new corner and enjoy foods That's also include my lovely wife, Rebecca!"
7) Any advice for folks just starting out?
Eugene: " Safety. Safety. Safety. Learn to slow down means a lot! Especially when sharing the path. Everyone are EQUALLY IMPORTANT!"

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  1. Great stuff! Thanks for sharing.
    Cycling really can bring family togather.