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Lovecyclingsg Treasure 22nd July 2012

The treasure hunt was led ably by Encik George Lim with LCSG angels Andy Yap, Boo, Christine Gan, Clarence, Diane, Steven Tang, Tiffany, Vince and myself. Weeks before, information and misinformation was sent out to LCSG family around the Treasure hunt area. Kranji Countryside. The day finally came and 14 Teams rolled into the Kranji Dam start point at 0730am, a time where most of the people would be sleeping. 
Encik George briefing the ICs... 
Team Camo - CarryME L-R, Hardy, Tiger Wan, Eddie Lim, Ro, Joe, Ming Tian
Queen Boo, in a cute mood..haha sorry Boo!
It was quite a sight to see all the teams in their coordinated gear, like team Carryme with their Camo-ed face and blue tees, Team 7-11 with their custom printed Tees, RWS Team in all red National colors.  As the teams bustled around the start point, Encik George briefed the Check point ICs of their locations and task... for the "Tekan" - he just say.. just dont whack to hard.. leave it to u... " haha.. Based on the last year Treasure hunt, I know that would not be a problem.
Petia was really serious... he DREW this MAP!!! 
Clarence at Kranji War Memorial doing the Check Point.. and giving them some fun time

The idea is to go to the 3 Checkpoint ICs and once there, they will need to do some task. If they succeed, they will be given more information on the other landmarks to photograph. At around 815 and the safety briefing,  the teams set off. I drove around with Encik carrying a big ice box of 100plus. As we drove past the riders pedalling furiously, I saw smiles and laughter. The most common refrain and "curse word" was WAH LAU... .esp after going the wrong way down the slope and up another slope.
I also saw lots of teamwork amongst the team. Punggol Night Riders was one of them. They called for backup as two of their riders fell on the sandy, rocky path to Saribum Scout Camp. They administered quickly first aid to Wilson and Jenny. And didn't leave them until we came to the scene. I was glad to help to ferry them to the nearest clinic/mrt so that they can get better treatment.
The Checkpoints were also big source of laughter and humor. I saw frustrated folks at Steven Tang spot, trying to throw in 20 tennis ball into a pail. Seems like a simple task but it took donkey time for some. Many took it out on Steven Tang by throwing directly at him haha.
The heat was a real killer for this event, and Kudos to our Muslim cycling friends. I don't know how they did it but they soldiered on with no complain. I am very impressed.
Throw 20 ball into the basket.. how difficult it can be right... until u tried... 
Pedal and pedal.. 
Later on we gave away the Prizes for the fastest team. To all our surprise, it was the "Dark Horse" - The Incredibles aka International riders who took the first spot They have not really been at Kranji before but according to Karen Chin..."We just gamely pedalled... Led by Noel and heckled to keep cycling by Gibson...."
2nd was DayTime Riders aka "Uncle Team" showing age is not a problem:) 3rd Place went to Team Camo Carryme with 3 team members on Puasa(Fasting). Team Carryme also took the top honors for Best Dressed with their Watermelon inspired Camo and awesome team spirit.
All in all, it was a awesome show of Team spirit and fun.
Thank you also to our Sponsors Axis Cycles(for the Rear seat pouches, Iphone holders), E-Walker for the cash voucher(Best Dressed award), Life Cycle (Cycling Caps and Super Stylo Water bottle) 
Thank you to Encik George and all LCSG Angels who helped to mann the Checkpoint, Tekan sessions and also the Roving Photographers Francis Chu and Darren Siow for the awesome photos.
Till the next year.. it will be more fun... and dare I say... more siong... :) Let's keep rocking LCSG!
All were winners!! Yeah! Taken at Kranji dam 
More photos here for ur download 

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