Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rider Profile Poh Fude

I first met Fude at the Ewalker opening on 13th June 2011. You can read more here.  Fude is a very quiet but helpful chap. I observed that he likes to be low-key and just help get things in order. It was quite a big rumble on the opening (I hope in a good way) and he has been immensely helpful and supportive of the LCSG Carryme folks all the time. Thank you!  Shy in nature but a chap with a good heart. Read more about how he got into cycling!   

A proud moment for Fude @ Ewalker 1 year old anniversary!      Photo credits Cindy Chang
Left - Right,  Simon Siah(LifeCycle), George Lin(Pacific Cycles) and Fude(E-Walker) Opening day 13th June 2011

Ever helpful, Fude came down on Sunday to help sort out roller wheel for one of the LCSG CM rider... 
Carryme team Tee! 
LCSG @ Ewalker 1st Anniversary 
Rider Profile- Q&A
* Tell me about yourself (your day job and family)Simple man with simple life. 3 girls at home. 1 old and 2 little gems. Doing motorcycle and bicycles.
* How did you started cyclinghaha, sad to say, after I started doing bicycles business. (He is very frank:)) 
* Why do you like cycling?Slow my pace down and look around. 
* When u met LCSG - how was it like and how u meet usGet to know u guys through LCSG web page and francis. That was last June.
* Your steel horses- names and more details.not many, just 1 carryme and 1 birdy.* Tips to share with fellow ridersRide safe, please do not take the road or other road user for granted. Always remind yourself that the road user cannot, didn't and never see or know u are there. 
So that u will take extra caution when approaching them.
Trigger for starting E-walker bicycle shop Hhaha ok. the story is... haha. simple. A friend of mine show me iF mode youtube. after looking at it, i say wah, swee. than I go google more information and found Pacific cycles. I wrote George Lin an email about his iF mode and found that that is no distributor carrying these good design bicycle. So I apply to be the distributor of Pacific cycles. Heng heng, i got  it and that how Ewalker came about. All is just luck.  Really. (He is like that... very unassuming and that's as much as I pry out of him)  

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