Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Zack Cycles to work

Zack and his sense of humor!
Why do I cycle to work?
Three simple reasons;
Money – I save money from taking public transports for a distance of 12km per trip.
Time – If I cycle to work, it will take me about 40-45mins journey at a pace of 20kmh instead of public transports that takes up to 55mins (depending on traffics).
Healthy – I get to exercise to maintain my fitness.

Does my workplace have bike friendly facilities?
Yes of course my company has bike friendly facilities. My company encourages employees to exercise and has many exercise programs for the employees. We even have a cycling team which rides on every Wednesday.

How to get started...  

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. All you need is planning and recce for the best route to start your first pedal.

When did I start cycling to work? 
I started cycling to work in 2011 after I sold my car of 4 years.

How often do I cycle to work?
I try to cycle often to work as long as it does not rain.

Any advice for people thinking of cycling to work?
It actually takes times to get used to it. I took months of hard decisions before planning and recce for the best route to cycle to work. For me, I choose a safer route but of longer distance instead of a shorter
Zack's Commuting route

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