Saturday, July 14, 2012

My feedback to Straits Time on Nparks and Brompton

My comments on Straits Time 14th July 2012  photo by Francis Chu   << u can read here. There is slight editing from the Straitstime editor on my comments. Especially on my title. But I guess it is really out off my hands.  
From: woon taiwoon <>
Date: July 12, 2012 PM 10:59:01 GMT+08:00
Subject: Kudos to Npark PCN team 
I live in Punggol and have personally seen the wonderful PCN grow and become a popular place for many families,  joggers and cyclists alike. It makes me very happy to see more and more PCN been built all across the county which makes a real joy to cycle around. The numerous extension in PCN routes in my opinion have played a major role in the explosion of  cycling activities.  I find myself going to the parks more regularly to cycle at the PCN and enjoy the nice scenery.  I have even brought my overseas friends to experience the PCN and they were all very impressed by the parks landscaping and bike paths.
In my personal engagement with Nparks when there are issues (for example fallen trees or flooding), I have seen very prompt action using social media(facebook). The speed of the response at one particular incident was very impressive. I tagged the Npark team on route and when we returned, the fallen tree was already removed! Well done Nparks PCN team!
As the parks connectors grows in size, I could already see their challenges. It becomes extremely challenging for their staff to effectively cover all the ground on foot.  I have seen personally the Npark staff walked the entire route to investigate the issue reported which the distance can be very tiring to walk.
Recently, Nparks was quoted to have purchased 26 Bromptons and while I understand the public sentiments on the cost of the bicycle. There is really a difference in ride, build quality and also the fold(for multi modal transport) compared to the other bikes. Personally after owning a number of  folding bicycles like Brompton, Flamingo to Bike fridays. I can vouch for the Brompton strengths in the durability (u can find 15 year old bromptons which is still rideable),  in the fold for MRT/bus mode.
Granted that there are still room to improve on the PCN, Let us give credit where it is due. Nparks PCN team have done a great job in making the parks more engaging and fun for all. Thank you for your tireless efforts and  please keep up the great work!
Name: Woon Taiwoon
IC No: S7########H
HP No: 9########


  1. The cost was only a trigger to arouse the public's interest and scrutiny.

    The shallow rationalization, questionable bidding process and missing-the-point explanation by NParks and Khaw Boon Wan were, however, what I believe to have raised the public's ire.

  2. Hi,
    I am not from Nparks and I cannot comment on how the decision for the Brompton bicycles nor the bidding process. Actually, I also don't even know the Gebiz system until all this details are furnished.
    What I do know is the Nparks PCN team, whom we have good support in promoting cycling, safe cycling advocacy. Only last week, we had conducted a Cycling safety workshop to help our fellow cycling friends ride safe on the roads and also proper etiquette for cycling in the parks. I welcome you to join us on Sunday rides, so that you can see for ur self what we do.
    I come from a cycling perspective and my intention are clear. To promote the love of cycling and make it fun for all. I don't know your name but I hope you can also take the step to meet with us. My details are on my facebook and I will be cycling on Sunday. See u!

  3. would u care to read
    and comment

    1. Hi Anonymous, I have read the forum and I think there are many other threads. To make this transparent, do u mind giving me a name and contact so that it is clear for all to see? If u read my blog posting you will know I do the Sunday rides for lovecyclingsg. I ask that if u want to look and chat me up, that would be a good time. Look at what we do and judge for yourself. Lets talk face to face and we can clarify any items u need. Thank you.

  4. Am glad you have identified yourself publicly, especially when a police report had been lodged about the Nparks purchase. Look forward to seeing your photo in the morning papers.

    1. Thanks and pls continue to hide behind the computer screen of yours. If you are authentic and real, how about identifying yourself too?

    2. Haha, i have to say that 'anonymous' is rather childish, or was just trolling you.

      i loled.

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  6. I don't understand how your article on Straits Times which point out 2 things: 1.) that the Brompton is a good bike, and 2.) that Nparks is doing a good job upkeeping the parks, relates to you being a part of the tender?

    That's reckless "investigative journalism" in my mind (read: legally libelous and possibly litigatous), and people are assuming it's the truth when it does not relate and equate AT ALL.