Thursday, July 19, 2012

Why the Surly Dummy?

With the Surly Dummy.... we can!                     Photo by Diane Flaviano
Rolling along with LCSG crew..                        Photo Credits Diane Flaviano
Ah mo is busy with the camera                          Photo credits Diane Flaviano
Sunday is always a happy day with Lovecyclingsg team! This is at Punggol water way ---- Photo by Diane Flaviano

I enjoy cycling and one of my biggest regret is that I can't bring my wife and girl along for the sunday rides. Not anymore! With the Surly Dummy, I can! It serves as a support vehicle for my girl, in case when she cycles and becomes tired. She can just hop on to the rear seat. The side panel pocket is able to hold her bicycle, my wife and her. Many asked me  if it is very tough to ride. Actually it is not so due to the gearing. Simply reduce and use the "easy gear", spin rather then mash. The tricky part is the starting off and balancing the 2 other passengers. A trick I tell my wifey is to feel like "a sack of potatoes". My little girl is already used to Dummy and she can hop and get on the bike like a season cowboy.
Last Sunday, we did the Punggol Water water ride, slow and steady pace so that the kids can also have fun. Many came, laughed and enjoyed the wonderful place. Me and my family did too... with a Surly Dummy!
Ps: photos are from Diane of Unfold and Cycle, please do go and visit her blog for really nice articles on the folding bicycles too! Thank you Diane!