Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Darren's commute to work

Cycling commuting is still in its infancy in Singapore, but its happening. Darren is my fellow colleage at Dell and he rides from his home at Toa Payoh to Jurong International business park.
I bumped into him recently in the morning as he rolled his bike to the elevator. This is his 16.5 km route and it takes him 45min to reach office.
The commute route by Darren
That's a nice Soma Double Cross in case you are trying to find out his ride. 
Darren just as he heads into the elevator @ IBP

In addition, here's some tips he like to share for those who like to try out cycle commute.
1) Do a recce ride without the pressure of time before doing the commute. This way, you can find the safest and smoothest route. Less stress!
2) Have rear rack so that you need not be carrying ur laptop and be sweaty all over. Its also more comfortable.
3) Mudguards are not glamm but you will be glad when it rains.
4) Waterproof everything.... 
5) Have a spare set of clothes to change into when you come into work.
6) It really helps... if your office has a shower facilities. :) Thank you very Dell Singapore! 
For an even more comprehensive guide... Check this by Calvin Boo
Do you know anyone who cyclo commute to work? Pls share your stories and help me show Singapore that it's possible to cyclo commute. :) 
This is Dell shower ... yeahh I know we are very very lucky! :) 


  1. I commute to work to. Tampines to Toa Payoh, the Mapletree industrial building beside SPH. So who knows I might have seen Darren around the area before!

    1. That's cool! I would also like to share your cycle commute story too. Pls send a short write up and some photos of ur commute to Many thanks!

  2. Finally cycle to IBP office from Ang Mo Kio this week!
    The Dell shower rocks!!! HOT WATER SOMEMORE!!! :D

    1. yes indeed. Thats really awesome isn't it?