Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Creativity needed in the eleven hour...

Here are some photos of the Carryme in my hotel room. It was transported to Tokyo, using the packaging it was sold with...  The Carryme folds to very small package and this is how small it is.. really small.
Carry me, the little folding bike that goes everywhere you go...

I just remembered that I would need to cover the Carryme when  I take the train tomorrow ... and I don't have bike cover. I was thinking to buy one at Japan but didn't have time to go buy one today with the meeting lasting till evening. Initially I called the help desk for a black trash bag... but they dun have.. apparently trashbag in Japan in clear. I started rummaging around the room and I call the help desk to get found a laundry bag... and it fitted perfectly! I just need 2.... not pretty but I think it works! Check out my master piece...and wish me luck tomorrow!
Take 2 laundry bags.. cut one end out...
and u get a bike cover!!!


  1. Perfect improvisation TW! Almost like a golf bag, which usually gets a lot of respect than bikes

  2. hahah.. . when u want to ride.. u will find creative ways.. I am trying my best to hide the "laundry" word... use my body to block the view...

  3. The CarryMe is similar in size to an umbrella type baby stroller. If you can find a cover for such a stroller, it should fit.

    For future reference, Pacific does make both a carry bag and a cover. The carry bag has a shoulder strap; the cover is open at the bottom so you can roll the CarryMe on the little roller wheels (like you're doing with the laundry bag).


  4. That's the spirit of a industrial designer.

  5. thanks Larry, communication was quite difficult.. I found a japanes bike shop and got their own cover for the Carryme... it is not cheap but I bought still to support the local indy bike shop. Makes a nice sovenior...

  6. Brilliant !! Now I need to find a hotel to check-in :) Thnx for sharing "