Monday, August 6, 2012

5th August 2012 Monster Gun ride

Fun to me is spending good time with friends, new friends and sweating it out together. Monster Gun ride is one of the original ride we did back  24th Oct 2010. It was a big turn out of about 60 riders and we started off at East Coast Park, Car Park F2. The first stretch was PCN which meant a relatively stress free ride for all. We had a fast pack which went ahead while the rest did a leisurely ride to Changi Village. The hawker centre was closed for renovation but there were still good food to be found. Nasi Lemak and Bar Chor mee... u name it. 
We had to wait for a little bit longer at Changi Village as there was Rebecca who cycle the route using a single speed and she is just 10(ish). It was an amazing effort from here and also nice to see Darren, George Kee and Desmond playing Angels and encouraging her continue.
After the makan,  we cycled to the old Changi Hospital which is located on a "small" hill. The slopes were quite an introduction to some riders. Same-ish rolling hills were also felt at the Monster Gun too... but we all made it eventually.  Here are some photos of the fun sunday!
More Photos here.
Visiting Old Changi Hospital 
Lend a helping hand....                                          Photo Credit Adriane Lee 

Load and ready...  Photo Credit Adriane Lee 
Tian Mi Mi.. The guy went up the slope to Monster Gun on a Single speed... and we all cheered him on! 
This is when I said.. breakfast at CV.... very near.. haha
"soooo tired after the slope... why did I sign in to do this.." Karen Chin
Happiest guy seen changing inner tube!! That's Keng Yong  for u! 

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