Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hi tech way for kids to learn riding... and more

Gyrowheel attachment for kids to learn cycling  -- Photo credit Gyrobike-Europe   << in case u want to learn more
And surprise!! u can get it in Singapore too!
This is First Rider and momo "got the balance" from this bike!
Found this online which is a Gyro wheel that supposely makes it easier for children to learn cycling. You can even modulate the gyro forces so that the child can slowly "wean" off the aid.... hmmm
Well I think it just might work! But frankly it is more than the products that will make ur child cycle...
Equipment aside, the most important element is love and patience. I know as Daddies, we like to get the little one as quickly up to speed to cycle as possible.  So much so that we sometimes give so much advice and pressure... it can put them off.  I was guilty of that too :)
But kids will always be kids and they learn in their own way. That's thru play and if u make every ride fun... they will come back for more.  A little trick I do with momo, I get on my Carry me and we play "Catch" that is to ride around, near to their speed and "chase each" other... sounds stupid but she loves it.. esp if she is the leader and she will bring me around the blocks and pillars.
Enjoy the moment, even if the learning process is abit slow. And when the magical moment happens... you will be super happy!  Happy cycling!

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