Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The cycle continues

Keep us safe, please
The cycle continues. A cyclist gets hit, cycling groups rally and feedback to authorities, even writing to PM. Papers will write about it and media will cover. Then in a week or so, it will die down. Will it progress further this time or will it not? Time will tell.
For the moment, under the barrage of feedback.... Dr Faishal have been tasked by Minister Lui to take charge and one of his task is to look directly at road safety and cycling issues. Well at least now, it seems more attention will be focused on SG Cyclists, orphans on the SG roads. 
Reflecting on the last few days of activity... I am sad that someone had to die and accident to spur action from our authorities. It could be any of us and if it is your personal friend, you will feel the pain and sorrow even more.  And this is not just for cyclists rights mind you... It is about keeping everyone safe on the road. Attitudes of the motorists, pedestrians need to be addressed.  Finger pointing and ranting will not help. (thank you Alex for sharing that with me) 
So what do I think? I find that while discussing on the matter is important.... I strongly feel part of the issue is Empathy. "Walk"/ cycle in our shoes. I have invited Dr Faishal, LTA, TP heads to cycle with normal folks on the roads so that they will feel what we feel daily. This is not a confrontation but a real exercise in understanding the Singapore cyclists plight. After all, this is not new. Minister Lui took the lead and used the MRT to learn about the MRT issues. Let's be open and see how things pan out.

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  1. Empathy is a good word. I emphatise with cyclists, nobody deserves to get killed or hurt on the roads. But seriously, new road markers and (more!???) road rules also cannot solve the problem as long as there are dangerous and aggressive road users, be they cock cyclists who don't obey traffic lights, crossings, or ride 2-4 abreast, or dick drivers who try to clip cyclists.

    It's all on education about sharing the road, about being defensive, about common sense, about safety first rather than rights.