Thursday, August 16, 2012

Freeway or jam? .....your choice

This photo by Roland speaks volumes of the nightmare I go through daily. Jams. Why not ride instead? I have to drop my daughter at childcare which is about 5 km from my home. And I work at the other side of the country...  It takes me about in a good day 1hour 20min to reach work from Punggol to Jurong international business park. Many times the feeling is like a giant carpark... where cars just inch along. It sucks and suck bigtime.
My Van COE runs out in 2 years time... perhaps I should relook into cycling to work... I think at least I get some exercise as well.
Jam... what jam?                Photo credits Roland aka GV Sealion 


  1. hi, i live in Punggol and i am considering buying a motorbike to work near Bueno Vista. Is this the jam i will go thru each morning too? if that's the case, i'm better off getting a bicycle!

    1. Its like that and with more housing been done at Punggol, the jam will only get worst