Monday, June 17, 2013

Adrian rides to work

Bike parked at the side the cubicle
For the record, I work in Dell Centre Singapore but this is not sponsored by Dell :) As many would know, I park my van about 2km away in a private estate and ride my brompton to office. Saves me money and gives me a nice break before a busy day at work.  Changes are happening to my environment, pro cycling measures like a shower and a friendly attitude by the office on bicycles have encouraged more to ride. Like him...
This is Adrian who works in marketing and sales.  He commutes using his Cervelo daily from Newton to Jurong IBP. He shares that it is nice work out and feels good contributing to less carbon emissions.
I also agree! Ride on Adrian and will feature him more about his views on cycling and commuting by bike in Singapore.
@ Strategy entrance
No fuss and drama @ Dell office 

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