Sunday, June 16, 2013

LCSG visit Sembawang Hot Spring 16June 2013

Huge turn out. 62 folks came to see if there was really a hotspring and if we could boil and egg. The route we took is here in case u want to retrace it . The location is at the 12km marker
More infor on hotspring here too

@Sembawang HotSpring
@Khatib MRT station, briefing on the route - Photo Credit Uncle KC
Popeye and Olive
Doing a musical called Blomtpon
this was THE Bike to be seen with. when we were school kid. 
But before that, I had to bring them to Simpang Siri and "holland" abit at the Sembawang black and white houses. 
Sembawang Black and white houses 
As the stomaches were grumbling, we had a makan break before going to the hotspring. I was very happy to see folks trying out the hot water in amazement and chatting away like kids. 
Mr Loh really prepared with his barang

All getting excited to see the hotspring

Just nice! yummy egg!  Photo Credits Jasper Ong
Shiokkk ah
Derek brought Quail eggs! 
Bottoms up!  Photo Credit Uncle KC 
yikess!!! It's hot!

Hope Mr Teo will see and be happy
Mr Teo was not there but we met another uncle Lee who also frequent the place... and he stays at Yishun Blk 212. Come here every day to collect some spring water for his family. Thats 40 litres!! 
Mr Lee from Yishun Blk 212, another regular of the hotspring
What a smile!
Quite an experience. Even nicer, the LCSG team had a check on his bike and lubed the chain for him. That's was really a nice gesture!  
And I was lucky to have a ride on his bike! yes! 

Yes, there are gems if we look hard enough. Like this iconic place, the sembawang hotsprings. If u haven't been here... please do pop and see it. Bring ur kids to experience this very special place. Its near Gambas ave and Sembawang road. These are uniquely Singapore treasures that should be celebrated and remembered. Thanks for LCSG and Northern Star Angels for helping manage the huge crowd. Thank you for the efforts!


  1. Sadly, this gem of a place is hoardded today by a few middle aged men . No outsiders allowed. No free pails for newcomers , or maybe you must pay for using the pail..unless you are big sized enough like Arnold Schwargener, then they let you share the Free Facilities with them.. I am SO ASHAMED to be a fellow Singaporean, Our own folks are SO ATROCIOUSLY SELFISH AND BULLYING even to a Meek AND PETITE fella like me.

  2. We went there several times and it was ok. I am sorry to hear of ur negative experience.